---------The Process---------

Each project is unique. Each one widens our experience and opens new vistas for us. Putting together an integrated solution that supplies exactly what the client wants is a challenge that exercises our best talent. To achieve the right fit, we proceed step by step.

Evaluating client's needs:

We start with a needs analysis. Our questions guide clients in clarifying the vision they have of their ultimate multimedia communication facility. We examine the premises, the location and architectural and technical features. To this, we add conditions such as the budget, degree of sophistication of the presentation system (type of media and connectivity), type of usage, and number of operators.

Designing and planning the facility:

Once the requirements are clearly established, we move to design and engineering, for which we work with architects, contractors, and facility planners. The plan includes equipment layout, sight-line projections, lighting layout, room acoustics, right down to location of wall and floor boxes.

Installing and commissioning the equipment:

Once the customer approves the plan and budgets, we start installing the equipment, coordinating our work with client staff, equipment suppliers and contractors, The different systems are configured and the controls are programmed according to client specifications. Each equipment unit and system is tested rigorously, modifications will be made if necessary, and a final run of the system is carried out in the customer’s presence before the project is handed over.

Training Users:

On-site training sessions are Organised to familiarise users with the new environment until they are comfortable and at ease when they use the system. Even after we complete a project, we remain in contact with the client for any adjustment or assistance that may be required. At this time, a comprehensive resource and reference binder is also handed over to the client.

At your service after project commissioning:

We are only a phone call away if you need any assistance. Our service commitment means that we follow-up on service plans and manufacturer warranties for equipment supplied to you.