Features of each standard Service Contract :

*Verify convergence on all video/data projectors for all input signal types

*Verify image quality and alignment

*Clean projector filters and lenses

*Check lamp hours

*Verify audio integrity of installed system

*Verify operation of any installed control system

*Verify operation of overall system performance

*Verify and repair any system connections

*Document each system visit and recommend any equipment repairs or upgrades

Customizable :

We understand that not every client needs the same configuration of support for their system. So we offer the ability to customize each Service Contract to meet your needs through the following options:

*Extended hours

*Custom response times

*Parts coverage

*Spare parts inventory

*System software and firmware upgrades

*Remote backup of key software

*Remote monitoring of control system

AMC Services :

Benefits of having a Service Contract

*Help-Desk support

*Remote diagnostics and management services

*Email support and knowledgebase

*Scheduled visits to meet your timeline

*Unlimited phone support

*Extended product life

*Protection against the high costs of unexpected repairs

*On-Site support and diagnostics

An emergency visit for those unexpected problems Our repair facility is fully equipped to service all products within and out of warranty supplied through us. It is manned by qualified technicians trained on multimedia products and systems. Your peace of mind and confidence in a highly trained service staff is our goal!